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Phone Sex Stories The Right Way to Do SMS

From her bed across the room, Heather stared at her college roommate, Janice, who reclined on her own bed. It was Saturday, and the two were just relaxing in their dorm room. Heather flipped through a tabloid magazine as Janice sent SMS Text Messages to a boy she had met on campus yesterday. Heather finished reading the magazine and threw it on the floor. “I certainly hope he has a friend who as cute as he is,” she told Janice. Janice glanced at her friend and roommate. “He says his roommate is pretty hot.” “Then for your sake and...

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Adult Chatline Numbers and Messages from One Library Clerk to Another

Adult Sexline Messages from One Library Clerk to Another Charlene enjoyed working in the library. She had volunteered in the school libraries at her middle school, high school, and college where she had majored in library sciences. Unlike typical librarians, Charlene wasn’t quiet, and she was far from shy. She was a voluptuous, attractive woman who made no attempt to hide her curves in the tight dresses she wore. With her bright red hair, huge breasts, and a seductive walk that made men pause in mid-action, Charlene was more popular than any book at the library, and on most days,...

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Dr. Debby Loves Hardcore Sex Lines

Hardcore Sex Lines – Dr. Debby Stillwater knew being a gynecologist was her true calling. As a teenager she knew she wanted to be a doctor, but she also knew she had to deal only with women because men were her weakness. It took great effort for her to deal with her addiction. The only way she had managed to stay married to her husband, Dr. Marvin Stillwater, for five years was that he was a very understanding man. He didn’t care who she fucked as long as she was safe and never brought her lovers into their home...

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Join Our Girls for Sexline Chat

Sexline Chat – “I can’t believe he did that,” sixteen year old Debbie told her friend, Alice, via text message. “That fucker dumped me because I wouldn’t sleep with him.” Alice read the message and forwarded to their other friend, Melissa who in turn sent a response to Debbie. “I told u he was a dumbass,” read her response. “All boys sux.”   “You’re both so right,” agreed Debbie, “Thank goodness for the Girls for Text Chat Club. I don’t know what I would do without you two. If I couldn’t send you SMS text messages, sometimes I think...

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Get some real crazy sex lines numbers

Congress takes on  sex lines numbers “We need to get our boys and girls out of Iraq, ASAP,” Congressman Brandon Peters ended his speech. “Here here.” A few congressmen and women applauded their peer as he headed back to his seat. Congresswoman Cynthia Marchinson wasn’t one of those applauding. This was her first year in the US Congress, and she could not believe the time Congress wasted on various issues without finding a solution. It was time for American troops to come home, but saying it a million times obviously had done nothing.   “Thanks you Congressman Peters,” the...

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