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Chatlines numbers and Chatline Text

Chatlines numbers and  SMS Text Messages Jack stared at his seventeen year old reflection in the mirror. Tonight was the night. He was finally going to fuck his girlfriend, Gina. He was so happy his parents were out of town. Downstairs he had ordered Gina’s favorite pizza and a Caesar Salad. Two silver domes, surrounded by lavender candles, covered both their plates. From the wine cellar, Jack had taken a bottle of his father’s best champagne, with his father’s approval. Although Jack hadn’t told his mom his plans, he never kept anything from his dad, and his dad was...

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Phonesex numbers with Dad & Becky

Phonesex numbers with Dad & Becky Becky and Cheryl had been BFFs since grade school. In their seventeen years of friendship, the two spent so much time at each other’s house that Becky called Cheryl’s parents “mom” and “dad” and that Cheryl did the same thing at Becky’s house. It was no surprise that when Cheryl’s parents took a week long cruise, Cheryl stayed with Becky’s family. On Friday night, the two girls watched movies, and then Becky fell asleep. In the guestroom, Cheryl attempted to masturbate, but she just couldn’t focus. Bored, Cheryl rummaged through the guestroom closet....

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Phone Sex Stories – Call June for Adult Contacts

Phone Sex Stories – Call June for Adult Contacts A degree from Harvard University hadn’t done much for June. Well, perhaps it had; it had gotten her a job at a top US investment firm, Janner & Thornton, where she had made quite a bit of money. It had also forced her to work among a horny bunch of old bastards who thought they owned her. When one of them tried to force her into sleeping with a client, she hadn’t let the door hit her on her way out. She had held the door open so the paramedics...

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Sex Line Chat for Adults

Mary tried her mother’s cell again, leaving yet another message. She was certain her mother was at home, yet her mother was not responding to her calls. Even as a child, Mary, now thirty-two and married with children, had always checked on her mother, Marsha. Sex Line Chat for Adults As a young girl, Marsha, a promiscuous thing, had become pregnant at sixteen. Although Marsha had given birth to Mary, she didn’t raise her; that task was left to Marsha’s mom who raised Mary while Marsha spent her life, going from one man to another. To Marsha, life was...

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Adult Sexline texting at the Movies

Nancy sat in the nearly empty, dark theater watching a black and white Cary Grant film. There was nothing like enjoying a film with real actors with real talent while taking part in a little adult sexting with a friend. Adult Sexline texting at the Movies As Cary Grant conned himself out of one mess, Nancy put her hand under her short min-skirt and stroked her clit as she imagined it was Bob’s hand touching her instead of her own. Bob was Nancy’s neighbor and the husband of her best friend, Julie. One day, six months ago, Nancy had...

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