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Sex Lines, We Are Women who LOVE Sex Lines

Sex Lines, We Are Women who LOVE Sex Lines Alice and her two girlfriends were so very bored. As married women whose husbands were all presidents of major hotel chains, they were often left to their own devices while their husbands traveled the world. In all honesty, Alice couldn’t remember the last time she and Howard had fucked. They had been married ten years, and she could probably count the times they had actually fucked on one hand. Occasionally they had sex, but it was generally when she was half asleep, and Howard’s actions barely caused her to wake...

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Cheap Sex SMS

Cheap Sex SMS Maggie stared out of the window at an empty tree branch from her wheelchair while her sister, Grace, massaged her shoulders. Maggie hadn’t spoken in the past six months since her husband had gone MIA in Iraq. It was right after the day she had been informed of Mark’s disappearance, that on a cold, rainy night, Maggie had lost control of her car. She had fallen into a coma for a week, and when she came out, she appeared to be completely paralyzed. Mark and Maggie had been best friends and lovers since high school. Even...

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uk sexlines Shopping with dirty text pictures

uk sexlines Marisol loved going to the grocery store; she always picked up such wonderful things there, like fruits, vegetables, and men. Since her husband was serving in the military in Afghanistan, she had quite an appetite. Before heading out to the store, Marisol groomed herself to perfection and dressed in an item of clothing that was easily removed, such as a one piece jumpsuit or a short, fitting, dress which made less than a feeble attempt to hide her long legs and firm ass. Still before walking out the house, there was another thing Marisol always did; she...

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Phone Sexline Numbers Helped To Save Their Marriage

How Phone Sexline Numbers Saved Their Marriage Jennifer and Matt had been married for ten years, and the spark had left their sex life. Sex was boring and happened every Saturday night. For real release, Matt jerked off in his office at work and Jennifer typically used her shower head for pleasure. Today though, Jennifer was taking a friend’s advice and sexting with a stranger. When Matt left for work, Jennifer found an adult sexting website. She knew other people had tried sexting, but today was her first time. During lunch, Matt decided to follow his friend Doug’s lead...

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Chat Line Numbers | Kurt Falls in Love

Phone Sex Stories Chat Line Numbers Kurt Falls in Love on Hardcore Mobile Phone Chat Last night, I took Natasha out on a first date; we went to dinner and a movie. Natasha was wearing a low cut black dress that showed all of her curves. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her huge breasts. Twice during the date, Natasha reminded me to look at her eyes. Each time that I got caught, I told her that her breasts reminded me of some SMS text pictures I had received the other day.   After the movie, I invited Natasha...

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